Design With Us

Design With Us

We love working with seasoned Interior Designers who know how to design upholstery pieces from scratch.

Do you love………trim tape? COM? Nailheads? Skirts? Swivels? Welt on the bias? Unique sectional configurations? Different length sofas? Creating one-of-a-kind looks that won’t be duplicated by your clients neighbor? ¬†Trade deals? We are obsessed!

Click on “Designer Login” to set up a wholesale account with The Ellenburg Chair Company and get started with your own custom pieces.


  1. Must have an Interior Design Business License.
  2. Must have a tax ID# for a Design Business.
  3. Must have your own professional local installer ¬†— wholesale prices do not include installation.

A few more details to work out and then you will be set. Contact us for more information on how to become an approved Ellenburg Chair Co Designer.